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Below you find a set of files for free downloading. All files are packed (ZIP-files resp. self extracting EXE-files). If special instructions are necessary for the usage of the files, these instructions can be found within the README.TXT file after extraction.

WinFACT / Automatic Control Compact Models

Demo Versions

ewf10demo.exeWinFACT 10 (trial version) as at August 16th, 2022
ewf2016demo.exeWinFACT 2016 (trial version) as at April 4th, 2017
ewf8demo.zipWinFACT 8 (trial version) as at August 17th, 2012
e_wf7demo.zipWinFACT 7 (trial version) as at January 31st, 2007 (incl. documentation)

Documentation (separate) as PDF file
hb627.zipDriver for H-Tronic HB627/HB628 data acquisition system
wfwagodemo.zipDemo version of the WAGO I/O-System 750-driver for BORIS
e_compactmodelsdemo.exeDemo version of the Automatic Control Compact Models.

Note: After the installation of the compact models you invoke them via the Windows start menu (Start | program files | Automatic control models |...), not by loading the corresponding BSY-file in BORIS!
tutg.zipBORIS block which can be parameterized with KP, Tu and Tg. Internally these parametes are automatically transfered into a corresponding P-T2-element.
TwoPointController.zipTwo-point-controller with hysteresis for BORIS
quantizer.zipQuantizer resp. A/D-converter block as user-DLL for BORIS
wfk8055.zipBORIS driver for K8055 Interface Board (Velleman)
avrnetio.zipBORIS driver for AVR-Net-IO-module
wfarduino.zipBORIS driver for Arduino board


Free Add-Ons

ExecCommandExt.zipExecCommand-User-DLL for BORIS to execute command line instructions with expanded options (Author: K. Lamár, Óbuda University Budapest) (Screenshot)
TaskKillerExt.zipTaskKiller-User-DLL for BORIS to kill tasks with expanded options (Author: K. Lamár, Óbuda University Budapest) (Screenshot)
PyScript.zipPython script block for BORIS (WinFACT 10)
UDPSimulink.zipBORIS blocks for data exchange with Simulink via UDP
friction.zipUniversal friction module for BORIS. The friction model is nonlinear and contains grip-, sliding- and speed-proportional friction parts (algorithm: Dr. W. Seide). It is all-purpose usable in all force and momentum equations.
staticplot.zipStatic characteristics plotter for BORIS (Screenshot)
PIDController.zipPID-controller for BORIS (representation according to DIN)


WinFACT Documentation

ewf7pdfdoku.zipWinFACT 7-Complete documentation
ewf7shortdoc.pdfWinFACT 7-Short Documentation

Product information about WinFACT and WinFACT Add-Ons

info_eflyer.pdfFlyer WinFACT (English)
info_fab.pdfProduct information about the Flexible Animation Builder (German)
info_softsps.pdfProduct information about the WinFACT-Soft-PLC (German)
info_autocode.pdfProduct information about the BORIS-AutoCode-Generator (German)
info_statemachineworkbench.pdfProduct information about the WinFACT-State Machine Workbench (German/English)
info_opc.pdfProduct information about the OPC-Client/Server-Toolbox for BORIS (German)
info_piddesigncenter.pdfProduct information about the PID Design Center for BORIS (German)
info_systemIdentificationcenter.pdfProduct information about the System Identification Center for BORIS (German)
info_kompaktmodelle.pdfProduct information about the Automatic Control Compact Models (German)
info_steuerungsmodelle.pdfProduct information about the Virtual Plant Control Models (German)
info_robotics.pdfProduct information about the WinFACT Robotics Editions for LEGO Mindstorms and ASURO (German)
info_s7-treiber.pdfProduct information about the WinFACT driver S7-200/300/400 (German)
produktuebersicht.pdfProduct information about the Automatic Control Software-Courses (German)
info_streckenmodelle.pdfProduct information about the Automatic Control Plant Models for BORIS (German)
info_zusatzmodule.pdfProduct information about further add-ons for BORIS (German)


PowerPoint-presentations of WinFACT, the Flexible Animation Builder and the Soft-PLC

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Reports and publications

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