About Us

Our philosophy

Our company has specialized in services – especially software-engineering – concerning automation and control. Focal point are the so-called Intelligent Technologies like fuzzy logic, fuzzy control, neural networks and genetic algorithms (evolutionary strategies), as well as the well known classical methods. Based on a cooperation with our partner companies and a great number of universities we are able to offer you support of any kind.

In addition to the development and distribution of our standard software WinFACT we design and realize user specific supplements and plug-ins (e. g. adaptations to specific software or hardware modules), stand-alone software packages (especially software for research and education) beginning with simple interfaces up to complete development systems or graphical user interfaces. Within the scope of projects we offer you support for the realization of new concepts and ideas by using our software (and – of course – software-“free” projects!).

Trainings (here or in our clients premises) and workshops concerning different subjects from the domain of automation and control (especially simulation and optimization), intelligent technologies and naturally product trainings for our software users (and users in future) complete our services.

Our services

  • Consulting
  • Projecting
  • Engineering
  • Training

Our main subjects

Software-EngineeringAutomation & ControlIntelligent Technologies
Scientific Software, Educational SoftwareProcess modelling and analysisFuzzy Logic
Hardware close ProgrammingPC based measuring and evaluating Fuzzy Control
Real Time ProgrammingSimulation TechniquesEvolutionary Strategies and genetic Algorithms
Microcontroller ProgrammingController Design And Process OptimizationCellular Automata and Artificial Life