Optimization module

Scope of performance

The optimization module in connection with the block oriented simulation system BORIS allows the fully automatic, numerical optimization of system parameters, which can be part of any simulation structure. It is also possible to optimize parameters directly within the real process in connection with an A/D-D/A-card. A powerful evolutionary strategy is used for the optimization. The optimization criterion is freely definable by the user. Some more features of the optimization module:

  • the optimization can be interrupted by the user at any time
  • exclusion of single parameters from the optimization possible
  • creation of a log file if desired
  • online logging of the optimization progress in the status bar
  • various termination conditions
  • specification of parameter limits possible
  • free choice of the parameter starting values

The optimization criterion is freely definable by the user. Please notice that this criterion is always minimized; therefore a criterion has to be defined which is to become as small as possible. To define the performance criterion a quality block can be inserted via the menu option Simulation / Optimization / Quality block. The signal connected with this quality block defines the optimization criterion.

Example: An optimization based on the ISE criterion is to be carried out, the integral is to be minimized via the squared control deviation. For that please follow these steps:

  1. Connect the control deviation with a function block configured as a squaring element.
  2. Connect the output of this function block with an integrator block.
  3. Connect the output of the integrator with the quality block.

The following graphic shows the corresponding BORIS system structure:

In a similar way almost any criterion can be defined, taking into consideration manipulating variables limits, maximum overshoot etc.


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