Training program SIM-Trainer

Scope of performance

The SIM-Trainer is a program which is primarily intended for training purposes to learn the dealing with step responses of simple and composed systems and the analysis of system dynamic. For that purpose any number of linear standard elements (P-, PT1-, PT2-element etc.) can be combined to a series connection and the step responses of all single elements as well as of the composed system (series connection of the single elements and/or corresponding closed loop) can be presented in many different forms. Furthermore characteristic values can be determined which allow an evaluation of the system dynamic.

Main features of the program:

  • Presentation of the step responses of all single elements, the composed system and/or the corresponding closed loop
  • Input and parameterization of single elements via comfortable dialogs and sliders
  • Adding and deleting of single elements
  • Loading and saving of systems
  • Automatic determination of characteristic values for system analysis (response time, settling time, overshoot)
  • Display of auxiliary lines for the graphical system analysis, if desired
  • Alternatively automatic or manual scaling
  • Comfortable measurement functions
  • Saving of step responses for processing in other WinFACT modules
  • Line width, curve colors and grid customizable
  • Automatic saving of all settings at exiting program
  • Online help

The following screenshots give an overview of the SIM-Trainer’s numerous alternatives for presentation (by a click on the graphics you will get an enlarged view):


WinFACT 2016-demo version, as at April 4th, 2017

Documentations and product information

WinFACT 2016-Product overview (German)