Fuzzy and Neuro systems

Designing fuzzy systems

For the design and analysis of fuzzy systems WinFACT offers a comfortable Fuzzy Shell (module FLOP). This component enables the graphical definition of all fuzzy sets and the rule base by some simple mouse clicks. The rules of the fuzzy systems can be defined by means of a table- or matrix-editor as well as by a comfortable text editor. At any time a switching between the two operating modes is possible. If desirable each rule can be combined with a rule specific weighting factor. The fuzzy sets may be of singleton, triangular or trapezoid type. For the fuzzy inference and the defuzzification process various mechanism are at disposal.

The analysis of the controller can be executed in different ways:

  • By single step inference
  • By calculation and graphical presentation of the systems transfer characteristics
  • By simulation based on external input data

After designing the fuzzy controller the resulting algorithm can easily be precompiled into ANSI-C-Code, which – in the next step – can directly be implemented on the target hardware. All data types are user defined; so an optimal adjustment of the generated C-code with regard to the features of the target hardware can take place.

The following screenshots show the fuzzy development environment (left), an example for a fuzzy controller transfer characteristics (middle) and the online connection of the block-oriented simulation system BORIS (right).

Fuzzy controllers designed within the fuzzy shell can directly be integrated into the block-oriented simulation module BORIS. By this way even high complex hybrid control systems can easily be simulated and analyzed. During the simulation process a so-called “fuzzy debugger” appears, which allows the detailed analysis of the fuzzy controllers function, the current active rules and more.


WinFACT has a comfortable interface to the worlds leading fuzzy software fuzzyTECH of our partner company INFORM GmbH, Aachen. Fuzzy systems designed by fuzzyTECH can directly be integrated into our simulation module BORIS.


For the simulation of systems containing neural networks WinFACT includes a comfortable interface to the Neuro-Development-Tool NeuroModel of our partner company atlan-tec Systems GmbH, Willich. Neural networks designed within NeuroModel can directly be integrated into our simulation module BORIS.


WinFACT 2016-demo version, as at April 4th, 2017

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