Compact Model “Playground”

Scope of performance

Our Automatic Control Compact Model Playground is an “all-in-one” compact model. The new version 3.0 provides eight different plants and thus allows the user to carry out many experiments. Like in a real experimental environment the experiments can easily be configured by setting jumpers.

Experimental user interface of the ‘Automatic Control Playground’

The Automatic Control Compact Model Playground offers the following features:

  • Eight plants with and without compensation:
    • Speed (can alternatively be used as P-T2 – or P-T3 – plant)
    • Temperature (P-T3 – plant)
    • Pressure (P-T1 – plant)
    • Light (P-T0 – plant)
    • Filling level (I-plant)
    • Position (I-T1 – plant)
    • Flow control (P-T1-Tt – plant)
    • User-defined plant
  • Available controller types:
    • Freely configurable PID controller
    • Two-position-controller with/without hysteresis
    • Three-position-controller (symmetric)
    • Three-position-controller (asymmetric)
  • General-purpose signal generator for generating various testing signals (step, pulse, ramp, sinus)
  • Activating disturbances
  • Scalable display of all momentary values and time responses with the possibility of grafic analysis (e. g. for inflectional tangent methods) and the saving of curves for later processing.
  • Alternatively standard or endless simulation
  • Selectable German/English user interface
  • Comprehensive online help

Our introductory video illustrates the handling.

Thus the Automatic Control Compact Model Playground is suited very well as a supplement or an alternative to our proven automatic control compact models.

All on the playground available plants are internally realized as superblocks for our block-oriented simulation system BORIS. So they can be used in BORIS for simulations independently of the automatic control playground and users with a BORIS-license can customize them (e. g. by changing transfer coefficients or time constants), if needed.


Automatic Control Playground 3.0 (English)
Regelungstechnik-Spielwiese (German/English)
Regelerentwurf nach Ziegler/Nichols mit der Regelungstechnik-Spielwiese (German)


Download demo version (German)


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Automatic control compact model „Playground“195,00650,00325,00

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