Modelling and system analysis

Modelling and identification

The WinFACT module IDA enables the PC-based generation of a linear system model (optionally with dead time) based on measured input-output data. The model will be specified in form of a fractionally rational transfer function with automatically detected order of the numerator resp. denominator term. Beside the system identification IDA also is suitable for solving problems of model reduction.

System analysis

For the analysis of linear systems the WinFACT component LISA offers the following features:

  • Calculation of the systems step response
  • Calculation of the systems frequency response and presentation in form of the Bode- or Nyquist-plot
  • Calculation of the systems root locus
  • Calculation of the systems pol-zero-map


WinFACT 2016-demo version, as at April 4th, 2017

Documentations and product information

WinFACT 2016-Product overview (German)