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BORIS and the WAGO I/O system 750

A driver is available which allows the communication between BORIS and the modular I/O fieldbus system of the WAGO Kontakttechnik company. Data exchange is realized via ETHERNET TCP/IP. No other software is required. WAGO also offers a low-priced Starter-KITContinue


BORIS drivers for Velleman K8055 and AVR-NET-IO for free download

The BORIS drivers for the K8055 Interface Board of the Velleman company and the AVR-NET-IO-Modul can now be downloaded free of charge from the download area.


New BORIS drivers: LabJack U3 & AVR-NET-IO

Two more drivers for BORIS for two low-cost modules are available:

  • The LabJack U3 ( is the “little” brother of the popular LabJack U12 and has 4 analog inputs, one analog output as well as up to 20

Drivers for Bluetooth board MFC 4422 / CONRAD relay-card serial

Drivers for BORIS for the Bluetooth-I/O-board MFC 4422-DC/EM (obtainable e. g. from Reichelt Elektronik) and for the 8-relay-card serial of CONRAD Electronic are now available.


Drivers for Wasco EXDUL/XMOD USB-modules available

BORIS drivers are now available for the low-priced USB-modules EXDUL/XMOD-122 and EXDUL/XMOD-142 of the company Messcomp which support all functions of the modules.


BORIS driver for fischertechnik ROBO interface

BORIS now supports the ROBO interface of the fischertechnik company. So all fischertechnik models can be controlled by BORIS or via the WinFACT-Soft-PLC.


BORIS driver for Centurio fieldbus module

BORIS now supports the fieldbus modules of the Centurio series by a corresponding driver. Details you find at the manufacturer MKFCS.


Formula-1-simulator of the university of applied science in Bocholt

The first formula-1-simulator was developed in the mechatronics high-tech-lab of Prof. Ossendoth at the university of applied science in Bocholt. In contrast to normal computer simulations the driver’s cockpit of this simulator is located on a PC-controlled motion platform, which … Continue