New BORIS drivers: LabJack U3 & AVR-NET-IO


New BORIS drivers: LabJack U3 & AVR-NET-IO

Two more drivers for BORIS for two low-cost modules are available:

  • The LabJack U3 ( is the “little” brother of the popular LabJack U12 and has 4 analog inputs, one analog output as well as up to 20 digital I/Os and two counters. It is connected to the USB port.
  • The AVR-Net-IO-Modul is an extremely low-cost module (EUR 19,95 as kit, which can alternatively be operated at the Ethernet interface or the COM port. It has 4 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs.
    The BORIS driver for the AVR-Net-IO-module can be downloaded free of charge from the download area.

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