WinFACT 2016: English version available


WinFACT 2016: English version available

Some of the most important news of WinFACT 2016 compared to WinFACT 8 (also as video):

  • Nomenclature equivalent to DIN IEC 60050-351
    All denotations of control engineering parameters and symbols now are equivalent to the current norm DIN IEC 60050-351. In some cases (e. g. PID-controller) additionally the old denotations are specified.
  • WinFACT Update Center (Image)
    The new update center helps you to keep you WinFACT installation up-to-date.
  • BODE Trainer includes PI-, PD-T1-, PID-, PID-T1-controller
  • Express Version (Image)
  • Deleting of blocks and connections by the <DEL>-key
  • Ripping out of blocks from connections
  • Temporary highlighting of connections (Image)
  • Integrated plants with visualization (Temperature, Fill level, Speed, Position, Light) (Image)
  • Improved characteristic curve plotter (manual/input-controlled adding of points, freezing of previous curve)
  • Controllable simulation delay
  • Extended start dialog (Image)
  • Flexible block comments (Image1, Image2, Image3)
  • Fast connect dialog for non-graphical drawing of connections (Image)
  • Operation mode depending block bitmaps (e. g. for comparator)
  • Separate outputs for P-, I- and D-part in PID-block
  • Extended system block: Integrator with alignment and stop
  • Adjustable block caption colour (Image)
  • Different grid types for worksheet
  • Redrawing of connections by context menu
  • Direct access to block output window via options toolbar
  • Flexible diagram labelling (y-t-plotter, Multi-plotter, …) (Image1, Image2, Image3)
  • Mouse-controlled zooming of diagrams (Image1, Image2)
  • Slider and rotation knob controllable by cursor keys
  • New system block: Characteristic map plotter (Image)
  • Tolerance band for Multi-plotter (Image)
  • Direct determination of the frequency response of superblocks
  • Improved measurement mode for Bode-plotter
  • Restoring of block output window by pressing <Shift>- resp. <Ctrl>-key and double-click on block
  • Unit delay-block now has the default setting Sample time = Simulation step size (helpful for resolving algebraic loops)
  • New zoomable virtual instruments (Image)
  • Integrated add-ons (Details in Video (German))
    Some add-ons liable to pay costs so far now are integrated in BORIS:
    • PID Design Center for the design of PID-controllers based on a set of different design methods
    • System Identification Center for the identification of linear plants using miscellaneous techniques
    • VB Script Modul for programming own system blocks based on the VB Script programming language which is part of Windows
  • Packer for SIM-Files
    If SIM-files resulting from simulations with a small step size are saved, these typically contain a very large number of pairs of values. Using these files for creating corresponding WMF-files with the graphic module INGO results in large files. This packer tool simply reduces the file size by an assignable factor copying only each n-th pair of values from the original file to the target file.

As usual users of older versions can purchase favorably priced updates of the new versions.

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