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WinFACT 2016 Full versions

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WinFACT 2016 Full version

WinFACT 2016 – Moduls (Educational discount: 20%)

Order CodeProductPrice EUR
0201E0009IDA (Identification of linear systems with dead time)320,00
0202E0009LISA (Analysis of linear systems)320,00
0203E0009RESY (Synthesis of linear closed loop systems in time and frequency domain)320,00
0204E0009SUSY (Simulation and synthesis of linear state space systems)320,00
0205E0009FLOP (Fuzzy-Shell with simulation interface)590,00
0206E0009FALCO (ANSI-C-Code-Generator)380,00
0208E0009INGO (Presentation module for simulation results etc.)150,00
0212E0009SIM-Trainer (Training program simulation)250,00
0213E0009BODE-Trainer (Training program frequency responses)250,00
0214E0009FRED (Experimental frequency response acquisition; hardware driver required!)290,00

WinFACT 2016-Blockoriented simulation BORIS (Educational discount: 20%)

Order CodeProductPrice EUR
0209E0009BORIS Starter Edition (max. 100 blocks, no optimization, no User-DLL-blocks)620,00
0210E0009BORIS Advanced Edition (max. 200 blocks, no optimization)890,00
0211E0009BORIS Expert Edition (no block limit, incl. optimization module)1.320,00
0302E0009Optimization module (numerical optimization of parameters)510,00
0309E0009Flexible Animation Builder580,00
0310E0009Logic Parser-DLL (German)360,00
0322E0009ODBC-Toolbox (German)890,00
0320E0009Reference Value/Characteristic Curve-Generator (German)290,00
0306E0009I/O-driver for A/D-D/A-cards and USB-modules, etc. (s. reference list, type specification required!)190,00
0307E0009Driver for Advantech ADAM Modules A-4011, A-4013, A-4017, A-4021, A-4050 (complete set)1.290,00
0318E0009Driver for Gantner ISM Moduleson request
0319E0009Driver for CONRAD digital multimeter (type specification required!)99,00
0311E0009WinFACT Driver S7-200/300/400/1200 for Simatic S7390,00
0326E0009WinFACT Driver for MODBUS/WAGO I/O-System 750390,00

WinFACT 2016-BORIS-C-Code-Generator (Educational discount: 20%)

Order CodeProductPrice EUR
0603E0009BORIS-AutoCode-Generator Professional Edition750,00

WinFACT 2016-Packages (Educational discount: 20%)

Order CodeProductPrice EUR
0102E0009Fuzzy-Design-Package (modules FLOP and FALCO)850,00
0101E0009Fuzzy-Complete-Package (modules FLOP, FALCO, INGO, BORIS Expert)1.650,00
0105E0009Standard-Control-Package (IDA, LISA, RESY, SUSY, INGO, BORIS Expert)1.750,00
0107E0009WinFACT 2016-Complete-Package (all modules, BORIS Expert)2.290,00

Miscellaneous (Educational discount: 20%)

Order CodeProductPrice EUR
0701E0009ANSI-C-Library for automation & control320,00
0704E0009WinFACT-Soft-PLC Professional Edition (German)1.290,00
0705E0009WinFACT-Soft-PLC Light Edition (max. 50 instructions) (German)750,00

WinFACT 2016 Education

WinFACT 2016-Training licenses

Training licenses may be used at a maximum of 10 PCs simultaneously within one institute or department of a school or university. In contrast to the full version the following restrictions have to be considered:

  • Maximum order of transfer functions: 8
  • Maximum order of state space systems: 4
  • Fuzzy systems: Maximum number of ling. variables: 4, maximum number of rules: 50/li>
  • Maximum number of system blocks within BORIS: 100, no User-DLLs

In combination with each training license a copy license may be purchased. This license type allows the institute to make as many copies of the software as desired and to give these copies to its students of the corresponding department for the usage during the education time.

Order CodeProductPrice EUR
0401E0009Training license Type A (modules BORIS and INGO)750,00
0402E0009Training license Type B (modules BORIS, FLOP, INGO)850,00
0403E0009Training license Type C (all modules)1.190,00
0404E0009Copy license Type A - C (additional charge in %)50%

Add-Ons for training licenses (each for 10 PCs)

Order CodeProductPrice EUR
0352E0009Optimization Module (numerical optimization of parameters)510,00
0359E0009Flexible Animation Builder580,00
0360E0009Logic Parser-DLL (German)360,00
0372E0009ODBC-Toolbox (German)890,00
0370E0009Reference Value/Characteristic Curve-Generator (German)290,00
0356E0009I/O-driver for A/D-D/A-cards and USB-modules, etc. (s. reference list, type specification required!)250,00
0369E0009Driver for CONRAD digital multimeter (type specification required!)99,00
0361E0009WinFACT Driver S7-200/300/400/1200 for Simatic S7390,00
0376E0009WinFACT Driver for MODBUS/WAGO I/O-System 750390,00
0653E0009BORIS-AutoCode-Generator Professional Edition750,00

WinFACT 2016-Student edition

Only for private purchase by students for education purposes (confirmation of school registration required!). Contains all modules; same restrictions as training license!

Order CodeProductPrice EUR
0408E0009WinFACT 2016-Student edition (download version, English)25,00 *

* VAT is already included in the price of the Student Edition!

WinFACT 2016-Courses and Plant Models

Order CodeProductPrice EUR
0801E0009Course "Introduction to PID-Control" (German)150,00
0802E0009Course "Closed loop systems with switching controllers" (German)150,00
0803E0009Course "Cascade and state control" (German)150,00
0804E0009Course "Introduction to fuzzy control" (German)150,00
0805E0009Course "Introduction to digital control" (German)150,00
0806E0009Course "Controller design in frequency range" (German)150,00
0810E0009-1Set of all courses (incl. plant models, excl. DLL-sources; documentation in ring binders with acetate sheets) (German) 690,00
0810E0009-2Set of all courses (incl. plant models, excl. DLL-sources; documentation only on CD) (German)490,00
0811E0009Set of plant models (separately) (German)390,00
0812E0009DLL-sources for plant models (only as completion)135,00

Automatic Control Compact Models

Order CodeProductPrice EUR
 Number of users:110
0951E0009Automatic control compact model (single model)49,00195,00
Available models: Control of a PT2 plant, Liquid level control, Control of a stirring tank cascade, Stirring tank reactor with cascade controller, Spindle drive (plant without compensation), Temperature control with PI-/two position-/three position controller, Three tank system, Synchronous run control, Aircraft attitude control, Light plant control, Loading crane state control, Mixing faucet (multi variable control), Room temperature control, Motor speed control, Pressure control
0950E0009Set of all automatic control compact models295,001.150,00
0958E0009Automatic control compact model "Playground"195,00495,00

Price of a copy license (in addition to a 10-users license available): 50% of the price of the respective 10-users license

Miscellaneous (each for 10 PCs)

Order CodeProductPrice EUR
0754E0009WinFACT-Soft-PLC Professional Edition (German)1.290,00
0755E0009WinFACT-Soft-PLC Light Edition (max. 50 instructions) (German)750,00

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